What features should Episode add to the portal?

I think they should add:

  • CATS
  • Plus sized males
  • Kid models
  • More sitting animations
  • More printed and embellished clothing
    *The option to drag and drop characters and overlays instead of guessing the right spot placement
  • More animations like looking at a watch, driving, etc.
  • More props

What would you like them to add, @Episodians ?



This too. Spot directing children is very annoying.


Everything you said! I also think it would be rad if they added something like a “Share” button (kinda like on Google Docs) so that you can co-write a story with someone without having to make a new account :eyes:


^^^ THIS!

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Hell yes , no more toddler boobas

You can kind of already do that with the debug menu. Just move it to where you want, then copy and paste

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Dark mode.

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