What food/drink is sold the most where you are?

I found this article and apparently people here buy flower and bread the most. Beer when it comes to drinks and I do believe in that… :joy:

So I’m curious, what food/drink is sold the most where you are?


Hm… water? Tea?

Sodas, like Coke and the like
Beer, probably
Tortas (these are sort of like sandwiches, but with a different type of bread and can include cooked fillings, not just cold cuts)

umm… pies? Like the the smaller pies for one person.

I know Kraft Dinner Mac N Cheese is like ridiculously popular here, I remember putting a fact that we buy the most mac and cheese or something in like a music project several yearss backk
I think donuts are also really popular too, for that same reasoning

And I’d assume that poutine is bought really often, considering you can get it at like almost any fast food restaurant that serves fries

Recently, there’d been constant openings of Milk Tea shops xDD though if I were to be practical or something, I’d say meat and vegetables in the market-

I have no idea… :sweat_smile: Probably some meat dish and beer or something.

@Foodies Do you know what food/drink is sold the most where you are?

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HAHAHAHA! It’s probably fish ‘n’ chips.

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