What games do you have on your phone?

I have Plague Inc and Among Us on my phone, as well as a few different choose your story type games that let you play through some text adventures. I also have some “games” that are mostly just tapping buttons and waiting for stuff to happen, which I have no idea why I still play them considering how boring they are.

@Gamers ~ what do you have?


we all need to play this

I have:

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
Mario Kart Tour


yesss :eyes: it’s way better with a voice chat with people you know than just using the normal chat feature with strangers


Far too bloody many… and most of them I don’t play. HAHAHA


I just have zepeto :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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  • Among Us
  • Some Random Disney Game
  • Episode
  • The Letter
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Same :joy:

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I have Covet and Among Us – I think that’s pretty much it :thinking: I might have some other old games on my phone but they haven’t been touched since last year probably :star_struck:

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Zepeto only atm. I don’t really play games as much a before…

I only have among us now, I downloaded alot of music :joy:

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