What Good Stories Need: 7 Things You Should Work On - ShanniiWrites

What makes a good story so good? What is it that you need to work on in your own writing? Here’s what all good stories do well, no matter the genre.


That was actually very helpful, I think that grammar is something that a lot of people need to work on, I’m not saying that I’m perfect when it comes to grammar but getting simple words like your and you’re is embarrassing because it happens a lot more then it should, I’m not saying that if you get it mixed up once that it embarrassing it’s when you’re constantly getting them mixed up and not correcting your mistakes.

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I think some people don’t really think about their characters which causes them to not be good ones. I’ve seen many stories that have a really good MC but all other characters are just… there, and sometimes they don’t have any personalities :sweat_smile: I get that some writers want to have a perfect MC but don’t forget about the other characters, they need more than just a name :smile: So I really like the part where you list and explain all the things a good character needs. That’s definitely helpful!

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Being Gay isn’t a personality Bridget


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