What happened to Ivy?

You guys remember when Ivy was a thing right? They let some people test it out but honestly I don’t think it was ever officially released :thinking: (for those who don’t know, Ivy was gonna be a more explicit version of episode)

Make sure that you stay PG13 on this thread though, you can talk about the app without talking what was gonna be on it :blush:


It wilted.

Really don’t know. Last I heard, they’re still trialing it…

Anyway, I save the saucy 50 shades stories for Wattpad :joy:

Let’s be honest. We all have that side of us which needs to be let loose every once in a while :woman_shrugging:

I am pretty sure it’s only being beta-tested in some countries, but it’s becoming less of something to talk about. I like the idea of having a more mature app, but what Episode advertises it for is not ideal.

LOL the rates on google play are 2.9. :joy:

No LGBT+ option, and episode is really hungry for diamonds.



So are they still trying to create this? :eyes:


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