What initially attracts you to a show?

The story is what attracts me the most, I think. If I don’t like what the show is about I would never start watching it :woman_shrugging:t2:
Acting and actors are also important to me but the whole story is what matters the most!

@ ScreenSloths, what initially attracts you to a show?


Dunno, it could be anything really. It just depends.

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The trailer or the acting names and then the trailer.

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the storyline.

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Same :star_struck:

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Pilot episode :ok_hand:t2:


and the story and how it is performed and/or carried on.

what the story is about and probably if i’m interested in the genre. i like having LI’s too, but its not needed, but it does help A LOT!!
And usually having a liked LI makes people post about it and that’s how people find out about the show/book sometimes.
for example - levi from aot

Usually the title/description of the show as well as if I know any of the actors from other shows/movies I’ve liked

Usually, the trailer and the description. I don’t pay much attention to who is acting in it, unless it’s an actor I know from another show and really liked. But even if I do like the actor, but the show is a genre I won’t watch or the trailer doesn’t interest me, I probably won’t watch it.

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