What inspired you to write your story?

I saw this topic on the Episode forum… :sunflower: :+1:t3: so I thought I’d ask it over here. Where did your inspiration come from?

I get inspired by many things, but mostly random events or things I’ve read.
Miss Understood was inspired by a story I was reading where the MC was a spoiled rich girl with a seemingly perfect life. While reading, the thought came to me… “What if that girl had to work in a school where the kids were much more spoiled than she is?”

The characters were mostly inspired by students I had last year, and some of them were inspired by relatives or co-workers.

What about you guys?


“Get Me Outta Here” was inspired by the cliche stories on Episode. I wanted to write a story that made fun of them, so I decided to write one where the MC gets sucked into a cliche Episode story. :joy::rose::two_hearts:

As for “A Fresh Start”, I don’t really remember how I was inspired to write it. It’s about a girl who moves away and has to start 10th grade at a new school, make new friends and things like that. I used to write a lot of stories like that when I was younger. :sweat_smile::rose::two_hearts:


Lol I wanna read “Get Me Outta Here” now, is it on Episode or Wattpad?

And what inspired me to write most of my stories… mostly dreams. And I think more than that. I have weird thoughts/weird perceptions and just weird experience that I want to put into writing. Those are my short stories that I think are actually really good quality.
My other stories… They’re mainly stories that I get excited about/ started a long time ago and never ended up finishing. I always have trouble writing them but I always come back to them. Some of them are based off of dreams, but my current one is my second ever story that I wrote. It makes me feel nostalgic writing it again. Because I remember that when I went to virgina when I was ten I just wanted so badly to write and there was nothing to do… so I just wrote the story on my kindle. It’s written terribly but I loved writing it and I still love reading it. It was the first time I got super excited about a story which is why I’m re-writing it. It’s not THE BEST but I like it.

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The story that I’m working on, Sidekick, was originally inspired by the Arrowverse, since it inspired me to make a superhero-based story. I got a handful of plot elements from shows like The Boys, where superheroes have been privatized and the corruption that comes out of that.

It’s on Episode, but I haven’t published it yet. :sweat_smile::rose::two_hearts:

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AHh tell me when you do and send me a link! I would love to read that lmao.

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This is going to sound so stupid but “the heartless” was inspired by a tiktok pov :joy:
But i actually wasn’t going to write it i was going to focus on my other story “redemption” but i lost inspiration for that story. And then i started to build up from the tiktok pov to actually make it a story and boom here we are.

The Mc “Kieryn” is inspired by lucifer from the tv show lucifer

Another main character “Blade” is inspired by Jake Peralta from brooklyn 99.

And the Mcs sister who she doesn’t like but is forced to work with “Phoenix” isn’t inspired by anything. She just looked like a b*tchy, c*cky girl so i went from that lol :joy:

“Deadly Nightshade” was inspired by the k-dramas “Temptation of Wife”, “Mysterious Personal Shopper/Doll’s House”, “Sister Is Alive” and “The/Two Women’s Room”. And the telenovelas “Teresa” (they took it off of Netflix, and “Rubi” too!) and “Marimar”. Other inspirations include the historical drama “Jang Hee-bin”, the titular MC herself, who inspired the MC Angelina- and there’s even a reference to her in the later chapters, you should really read about her, she’s awesome. Anyways- “Once Upon A Time” (mainly Regina, my favorite character, who inspired another MC, Hwayoung), “Obsessed” (despite the movie being terrible, it inspired me to do even better, and really dig into the other main main character, Cynthia’s mind and motives) and “Forest of a Thousand Lanterns”.

My new story “Flowers Have Thorns” was inspired by the k-dramas “Gracious Revenge” (it was really bad but the first half was, and I guiltily admit this, good), “Heaven’s Promise”, “Mysterious Personal Shopper/Doll’s House”, “Flames of Desire”, “Pink Lipstick”, and “Glass Mask”. It’s also inspired by real events, like Trump’s presidency and the current presidential elections. Since my mother watches soap operas, parts of the story were inspired by a few arcs in “Bold and the Beautiful”, “Young and the Restless”, and even “Dynasty”. Two characters were inspired by “Pose”. The music that inspired it was the albums “Gold Digger (With True Love)” and “As It Is” by Toshiki Kadomatsu.


I watched Marimar, Rubi, and Teresa! Marimar was one of the very first telenovelas I ever watched.
Also The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. My mom always watched those when I was a kid, and when I was in college, I got into them, too. My favorite era was some time between 2002-2006.


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Did you like it?

Bio-Hysteria was inspired by our current political situation, plus the fact that none seems to care about the dangers of genome editing :sweat_smile:

I did like Marimar at the time, but later, a bunch of telenovelas with the same ‘poor girl meets rich guy, and evil rich villain tries to break them up’ plot came out, so I kind of got tired of seeing that. The other thing that annoyed me was that it took like 50 episodes to clear up the truth about Sergio and the infamous letter.
Rubi and Teresa were also good.

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Yeah, after a while the telenovelas got too generic for my taste…
I never finished either of them.

Most of the stories I write aren’t inspired by anything that happened in real life. At least I can’t think of anything. When I was younger, I got inspired by other books mixed with people from my real life but I never noticed that so my Mum pointed it out one day. But now I can’t find any connections to any people or events.


I get inspired from all sorts of things, stories (books, TV, movies etc.) and real life events. What inspires me to start a specific story is usually an idea that comes to my mind. By now I have a couple, so if I feel like it I could just sit down and write them. I rarely remember where I get my ideas from though.


Sometimes I‘m inspired by different names, if I want to watch a movie I first think about the name of the movie/book/Show etc. and then I come up with a story idea. :joy::purple_heart: But I‘m like never motivated to write it down I just think about it.

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