What is anime and manga?

So, anime is usually a manga series that have been turned into shows. Now, there are some shows that did not have a manga counterpart to it. Those shows are Cowboy Behop, Samurai Champloo, and many others. I will post an article about these shows below. Not all manga have tv shows either they are on their own two completely different forms of media in a sense. Anime is a big hit around the world especially in Japan itself where the concept originated from. In Japan, there are two types of people that like anime and manga. They are the normal group who read it for fun then you have the other group known as otakus who get a bad rep for not conforming to society in the normal way. It’s not a bad thing but just a known difference in the world.

Anime can change depending on which country they are shown in. It’s known that many episodes from pokemon were not aired because they were not kid-friendly in America. The ones that usually make changes are companies like 4kids who changed parts in One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, and many other shows. Apparently, America is too innocent for certain subjects which is nothing new here. Funimation is one of mainstreaming hubs for anime in American to watch online. We also have Crunchyroll, wcosonline.com are just the know companies to lookup. Most of the time when animes are made it can be a hit and miss when it comes to accurately portray the manga series in a tv show. There are many shows with alternate endings because the manga was not done which impede the companies scheduled for the show. Some animes that have had this happen have gotten remakes done those shows are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hunter X Hunter, and also One piece sort of got a remake by separating the kiddie version from the original show. These are only a handful of the ones that were lucky, another remake is Fruits Baskets which they are making the whole series into another anime for fans to watch. It’s already been renewed for a possible season three though it won’t be until next year for its release.

Manga is another form of media that originated in Japan. The to-read mangas are reversed of regular books. You technically read from the back to the front compared to regular books. I will post a link that shows how to read the manga. There are some standalone mangas that only have one volume in it. One is called Wanted, it’s about three short stories based on a pirate story in one volume. I would recommend reading it if you like pirate stories. Other mangas are broken up over many volumes such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail. The difference between manga and anime is that what is in the manga is canon to the actual series. Follow the manga series if you want the true story without any filler episodes. There are many different levels of manga that range from kid-friendly all the way to adult-only mangas. Most of the time, the adult mangas sit in the book store with the adult comic books so that the younger groups don’t read them by accident. There is no restrictions to buying adult books in America and I think it’s the same way in other countries too. I would check out viz manga at so that you can read manga online but if you can’t pay for stories then I would use mangafox. Though note that licensed stories like Naruto or Bleach will possibly not be available since they are still cycling through the systems same goes for mangas that have tv shows based off of a them. I hope this helps people find good manga books or tv shows to watch!

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To me, I describe them as books with pictures :joy:
Written in a comic form but better quality
I like manga and I love the storylines especially when I read them on webtoon.
I also like watching anime but I’m not hardcore. I love takashi murakami’s works. :wink:

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Anime and manga are great.

I’d usually describe anime as a typical japan originated show or animation. Manga is like japan comics but it can be made in another country.

@AnimeNerds this thread seems helpful for sources to use to find new anime’s and manga too. I’d recommend. Thanks @WolfGamerGirl37 for your time spent on this thread to further someone interested’s knowledge.

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