What is Cloning and How to Use it

A common question among newer RPers is “What is cloning?” When you’re new to the idea, it can seem daunting, but once you get used to it, it becomes really simple.

What Is Cloning, and Why Clone?

Cloning is making a duplicate of your character to have more than one conversation happen at the same time.

The clone of your character may be before or after the original copy of your character. Often, an RPer may clone their character to finish a conversation cut off by a new day or event.

Cloning is more common within the larger RPs that contain many RPers. That way the RPers can have the opportunity to interact with more of the other characters and RPers that they want to interact with.

When/How Do I Clone?

Not all RPs allow for cloning, it is up to the creator whether the RPers can clone or not. Each creator will have their own policy on cloning for their RP.

In nearly any RP where cloning is allowed, an RPer is required to label the clone. It can be as simple as adding the word “clone” by the name of the character, or even adding the location of the clone and what character they are speaking with.

Not all RPs require it, but it is recommended to label when the actual character and the clone take place. This would be adding a reference to when an event was in comparison. (Ex. “Previous Day”, “Before Event”, “During Event”, “After Event”) By having a label indicating when the clone takes place in comparison to the current copy of the character, there is less confusion involving the timeline of events.



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Cloning really is a simple concept even though people tend to get confused by it. It’s just knowing how to do it and when the clone takes place that’s the key. I’m glad to be able to shed some light on it.

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I have a small question about this actually. I’m just wondering what you would consider too many clones at one time. Would you suggest just sticking to one to two characters being cloned at a time or more? How much of a timeframe from the present would you think is best for holding a cloned conversation?

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I personally like cloning, because it gives the opportunity to have many more conversations than if you don’t clone.
You’re also less likely to stay bored and stuck in a non active conversation if you have more than one conversation.

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Just curious, how long do you think a character should be cloned for with the RP?

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Probably until the next time skip.

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