What Is Going On In Tigray, Ethiopia?

Wow, I’m shocked. I really try so hard to stay away from the news, but this one, wow. So, at least 600 civilians are killed in Tigray, Ethiopia, massacre. Wow, honestly, I just feel bad for the people, children. When is this going to stop? When? I know everyone can’t do anything because of Covid, but wow. facepalm


This is so sad to hear :slightly_frowning_face:

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Yeah…al because their leader reject to surrender. I think if that is the cause, not sure. sigh…

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This is so heartbreaking. :broken_heart: And it’s still going…

Four workers are killed two days ago…


Sigh…what is their government doing? Nothing… :sleepy:

:sadness: cri

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I hope things will get better :sadness: :sadness:

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I hope so too. I hate seeing people suffer, espeically children.

I hope the situation has improved since

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