What is the best length of time between signups opening and an RP starting?

What is the best length of time between signups opening and an RP starting?

Would there ever be a point where you lose interested after it taking too long?

Would you ever be ready for roleplays to start a day after you’ve submitted?

I think the timing depends on the roleplay. If it is one that requires a lot of planning, then I would understand it taking a while to get to the official thread. But I think the maximum… would be perhaps just over a month? Or a month and a half.


I think I prefer around 1-2 weeks, since it gives me time to make characters without losing interest in the RP

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Losing interest is a big thing so not more than a month! Up to 2 weeks is ideal in my opinion!


It can be really hard to find that balance between opening signups and an RP starting. Sometimes you can start the RP quick and there will be a lot of signups, while other times you can give plenty of time and the signups slowly trickle in and you barely have enough to start.

What about for an RP where it for the most part died before it could even start, and the creator is trying to bring it back. How long should it be between getting the attention back on it and starting?



It depends on how quickly the participants fill in their forms. If everyone gets their forms in right away, you can probably post the official within a few days to a week. If it takes a bit longer to get the forms in, it’s really up to the creator if they want to wait until they have all the forms in or if they want to go ahead with the ones they have.

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I would say, start as soon as possible and keep sign up open for others so for those who don’t have the time right away, they can keep tickling in. I myself always want to start playing right away because that’s when I’m most excited. If I have ti wait for 2 to 4 weeks, I mostly forget about it and when its starts I don’t have as much interest as before.

In my opinion, about a month to a month and a half is the best length of time. Any shorter than that and people might struggle to finish in time, any longer than that and people might lose interest or they become too busy. However, I think this changes depending on various factors, like the time of year. For example, in the summer, people would probably need because many people no longer have to attend school. If everyone submits their form early and the creator is prepared though, I would suggest starting it as soon as they can.

Honestly, if I genuinely loved the idea at one point and already made a character for it, I don’t think I would lose interest in it even if it took a few more months longer than what was originally planned. If I only signed up for it because I was bored or because my friends were there though, I would drop it.

Unless I had something important happening in the next few days after I submit the sign-up (e.g. the start of school, tests), I would be fine with it starting the next day! In fact, I would be eager for it to start as soon as possible. :))

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At least a month bro I need a good amount of time to procrastinate

Only if the signups were really dead and the owner is AWOL—if the signups are bussin and everyone is hyping it even though the start date keeps getting pushed back, then my interest usually doesnt usually wane. It only wanes if there’s literally no activity and no one’s excited aha

Oh yeah, pretty much as soon as I’ve submitted I’m ready to start. Unless if I have to plan relationships or whatever (that usually takes me up to a week oops I need to become social okay), I usually can start as soon as aha

I think a month because we love to procrastinate :white_heart: but like for real, yes. That gives enough preparation. It’s also not fast nor late enough.

I now think it should be more than a month. We procrastinate too much or are too busy and time passes by too fast-

though that might actually make the RP be slow, but I don’t know; maybe it depends on the season or something (like what season people are more active or are less active/busy)? So when it’s vacation season (summer) maybe there can be exactly a month or so, and in busy seasons with school as the interference, maybe more than a month?

at the same time, if it’s longer than a month, people might lose interest in the RP or even forget about it. Honestly this is just confusing for me because what if the numbers of the characters aren’t desirable or something, right? xDDDD