What is the most addictive website?

I’d say it’s the forums for me, because that’s where I spend 99% of my browsing time on :eyes::eyes:

What do you think?
What is the most addictive website for you?


Forums and pinterest but pinterest is an app so just the forums :eyes:

youtube, episode writer portal, instagram, etc.

Forums :star_struck:

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Forums sm

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The forums, of course :star_struck:

And also Youtube :eyes:

I used to be addicted to Poptropica as a kid :rofl:

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I’m sure I’ll forget something but the forums and youtube

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Forums and Discord

Forums and YT

discord and yt rn for me

Shannii’s forums.

I thought it said what is the most attractive website i was like :hot_face::palms_up_together:t3::turkey:

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Google classroom and forums

The forums :weary:

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The forums :sunflower: :sunflower:

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The forums for sure :star_struck:



Probably the forum or YouTube for me :joy:

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