What is the most rage-inducing game you have played?

To be honest, there are only two games that have ever sent me into the game-rage mode. The first was World of Warcraft which only happened because of the stupid rivalry between Horde and Alliance players. It was this one instance where I was trying to get a certain section. This overly powered Alliance player was guarding the only route to that area. I was playing a blood elf character which is a Horde race. I not sure how many times I tried to get past the player but it finally ended with me uninstalling the game and canceling my subscription. More than that led to me leaving the game but that was the top reason.

The second game was Wizard101 but I actually still play this game. You see players who were trying to get to a certain area would accidentally get caught by an ongoing duel. The ones that caused me to game rage were the players who would flee the duel leaving me with the extra enemies to battle. In the game no matter what duel you get into on the streets you will always go against two enemies but if another player gets pulled into the duel then it will add on to the opponents which can put you in a bind if the said player flees without helping you. Another reason, I game raged in that game was similar to the first reason but instead of fleeing the players would do absolutely nothing during the duel except pass until the duel was over. It’s different if the player explains why but when they don’t explain why it gets really annoying.

What is the most rage-inducing game you have played? Game club share your experiences with everyone!



Hmmm…being so close to beating the Champion in Pokémon, then having all your Pokémon faint.

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Oh yeah, that really sucks!

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That happened to me when I was playing a dungeon on Wizard101. You get a chance to go back but you have to gather health and mana before going back in.

It’s too hard to p!ss me off. So I don’t know what game makes me mad, no game really does that at all. Like… at all. Lol.

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Mario Kart :star_struck:

The rage fades quickly, but I will blue shell any of my friends in first place

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AU with random trolls :grinning::hocho:

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Doom eternal DLC ancient gods. Jesus that game is difficult to an extreme to the point I just decided to lower the difficult to the easiest.
Also pokemon black and white due to stupidity. First ever party picker game I played and I levelled up only 1 pokemon. Turns out bad idea. Restarted and was a bit smarter the second time.


I had to do that for Dragon Age Origins. It was normal but I couldn’t get past the troll monster in the first boss battle. I lowered the settings then used some tips I got from videos. I also put the game back on normal after that. It took me months to figure out how to get past him. I finally just lost my patience with the game. I still play the game but not on a regular basis.

Yeah, if you don’t know what to do the first time around then Pokemon can be extremely hard to play.


Most of the time it’s very hard to piss me off as well.

I don’t tend to play games that were clearly designed to make people angry but like, I have rage quit (then returned) to certain games.

I won’t include the last Jeanne boss battle in Bayonetta because I never quit for long :joy:

There’s a part of AoC I’ve been stuck on for a while but it made me swear out loud at how annoying it is.

Now, anyone who has played the original Final Fantasy 7 will know this pain:

  • Jumping onto the swinging pipe :slightly_smiling_face:
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Genshin Impact. Damn Inazuman puzzles…

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Yeah, I’ve had small annoyed fits over certain dungeons in Wizard101. Stormriven is the worst one of them all. Since my character is a balance user which is the alignment of most of the bad guys in the dungeon.

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@Gamers What even makes a game rage inducing? Any examples?

  • Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain
  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Blameless
  • Uncharted

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