What Is The Weirdest Film You've Seen?

I’ve seen my fair share of movies, however, I do have one that probably none of you have ever seen.

It’s Jan Svankmajer’s Alice In Wonderland

And if you have seen it… :wave: hello there friend.

I honestly cannot remember how the heck I even found this. Like… maybe it was on Netflix?

There is also the Secret of Kells, a very good one. It’s not that weird its just kinda umm disturbing, and I watched it as a kid.


Probably every Lifetime movie ever.

Loqueesha was quite odd though…

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this movie, its from my own country (denmark but exist in english to, which the trailer is in). its horrible. the animations is so awfull. but the story too. and worst I saw it at school. because its animation so the teacher thought hey kid movie and left us with it .

though I love the dad who only says no. even at his own wedding

also if you ever wanna see it. see the english version not the american. (yes it was dubbed in english twice)

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I would name it but…it’s better if I don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a really weird one- Fateful Findings.

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The Room?

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A Million ways to die in the West

There are so many strange scenes in this movie ;-;

Must be Cloverfield :eyes::black_heart::new_moon::dizzy:

It’s not weird as in scary, but the way it’s directed made me so dizzy :no_mouth::new_moon::dizzy::black_heart:

Has anyone else seen it?

I have seen it and I’m not a huge fan of found footage films but yeah it is an odd one

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Thomas and the magic railroad for me


Zombeavers was… odd… :sparkles: :flushed:

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The Birds :grimacing:

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Has to be any film by Neil Breen


The Platform is strange.
So many questions…

Okay I’ll say the B movies and lesser well known ones that are still rad

Basket case
Pumpkin head

Tbh though, they are odd but still good

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Let me get the trailer for basket case :joy:

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Hey you know what’s pretty weird? Batman V Superman. Because it sucks

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BAHAHAHAHA! This is hilarious!

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I think a weird one was definitely Ghost Stories… it wasn’t… necessarily BAD. It just got really weird and made me question everything.