What Is The Worst Advice You Have Taken?

We’ve all taken advice from people at some point in our life. What’s the worst one you’ve got? It could be any advice! Silly or serious.

For me, I guess it was to get a layered haircut. I look absolutely horrible :grimacing: And when my ex-best friend told me to not break up with my boyfriend and fix our relationship. Yeah… that didn’t end well.

@Discussions What about you?


I don’t take advice (except for my brotha he a good man ya) from people because I’m not noticed and I don’t seem to have a problem at all so no one bothers to give me one :partying_face: and advices like my hairstyles, fashion and stuff I haven’t gotten a bad one :eyes:

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“Just tell him!” … yeah, baaaad idea :joy: But my best friend soon realised that this was the worst advice she has ever given me and stopped giving me flirting tips :joy:

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Hmm in terms of advice I know I can upset people when I don’t take it because I can usually deduce that it won’t work or that quite simply I didn’t ask them for advice. So I don’t think I’ve ever followed bad advice but I have definitely ignored advice that turned out to be the correct answer.

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