What is your favorite book character?

I guessing everyone has that one character they like from their favorite book series, right? For me, it’s a little hard to pick from one character so I would like to really ask is what are your favorite top 3 characters from your top favorite books?

Mine are these:

I’m weird I like animal characters more than I like human characters. I guess it’s my affinity for animals.

Rusty/FireStar - He is the character from one of my favorite series called Warrior Cats. You get to watch him grow up throughout the books along with the other cats. He dealt with a lot since the cats of Thunderclan saw him as an outsider. He grew up as a pet to humans wasn’t born wild like the Thunderclan cats. He made it so far from his stature as the outsider to being a leader that the clan looked up too. Still one of my favorite characters and book series that I have ever read.

Nancy Drew - One of the many human characters I truly enjoyed reading, playing the games, and watching the different shows/movies based on the Nancy Drew books. Nancy has always been an idol for women to read because she was a strong female personality that didn’t back down when she was told to stay away. She paved the way for females to feel like they had control over their lives and taught meaningful lessons to those who read the series.

Soren - Another animal character that I still love is the owl Soren from Guardians of Ga’Hoole. Like Firestar, you get to read Soren’s growth from a baby hatchling all the way into adulthood. He is betrayed by his own family and is forced to deal with the fact that he was kidnapped by an owl cult group who wants to brainwash other owls. It’s a very interesting series. He goes through so many events that are heartbreaking to read sometimes and others that make you just as happy as he is when you read the scenes.

These characters hit home for me each time I think about them. I read many books but these are my top three and will always be my top three favorite characters. I recommend reading them if you like books like Harry Potter, Watershed, and other family-oriented books. So, what are your top three favorite book characters? Why do you like them so much? Do you recommend these books even now?



My favorite character is Winnie the Pooh because it hit me since I haven’t been Disney world in a decade. Plus I actually used to have a Winnie the Pooh book as a youngster.

The only two character I like is Mr Scrooge and tiny Tim. Mr Scrooge was cold and lonely after his partner died because of greedy and only care about money.

Tiny time couldn’t walk but he was always happy. The best part is this picture below from the muppets Christmas carol.


I like your choices! I use to like Winnie the Pooh when I was younger too. Actually, I have a sweatshirt with him on that I can still wear. It belonged to my oldest sister which it is now mine to keep. I do like the Christmas Carol movie from back then as well. I like the Mickey version more than the muppets version because I like Mickey better.

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Yep I seen the Christmas carol both from Mickey and the muppets. As well as the the Christmas carol from Jim Carrey. I also remember my high school class I think in 9 grade saw the Christmas carol as a play.

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Yep, it’s a good show that is for sure.

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It is and I do know that you can watch the muppets Christmas carol on YouTube. I am going to do that now.

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That’s good, have fun watching it!

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Mine would probably be Four from the Divergent Series, Flavia De Luce from the Flavia De Luce series and Nico di Angelo from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus series.


I have never heard of the middle series at all.

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It’s a series written by Alan Bradley that centres around an 11 year old girl in post-war England. She’s a talented chemist who likes working with poisons and she goes around solving murder mysteries

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That sounds like a good book series. I will have to add it to my list of books.

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It is really good. I’ve read each book multiple times.

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Good to know!

Jake Epping from 11.22.63. He wasn’t a crying man to the public but rather cried in private. His character changed and grew as he lived in the 1960’s while he endured mental and physical struggles. I love that book.

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The Little Prince! He is such a wholesome character. :blush:

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Nice! That story is very wholesome.

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