What is your favourite D.I.Y. mask?

As we all know, there are many ways to DIY your own mask, from bras, to socks, to old shirts, some of the ways are more inter3sting than others.

What is your favourite DIY mask?

My favourite is this one from WUM, mainly because it looks really simple, not sure if it’s practical though.

Have you DIY your own face mask before?
Do you usually wear your DIY face mask when you go out?


My mom makes mine and they look great!

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My favorite D.IY. mask would be my sister’s, because they’re simple and cute :eyes:


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My favorite D.I.Y. mask would be this one :point_down:t5:

After watching this one and others similar to it, I did follow the same process in making my own. Yes it did look like a lot of work but I really wanted to try it out anyways. (I had lots of old cloth so I didn’t have to buy any :joy:)
Yes I have a sewing machine but I don’t use it much. I use my hands to sew which is comfortable for me.
I really did love how it turned out, I measured them accurately. I’ve made a lot of mask using this same concept and I loved it.

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Whether you are in an area that still/recently had to wear masks, or haven’t been exposed to the mass numbers of individuals wearing masks in a while, most of us have at some point or another seen people wearing diy masks, so what are some that you’ve noticed and liked, or really not liked? @Discussions

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A D.I.Y one?