What jewellery would your character(s) wear?

Jewelry is somethinv that can be tied to your character in many ways. They can be beauty, wealth or a precious memory.

In my case the jewelry they wear are often the same as the jewelry I wear irl: tied to family or they have a functional reason (I have a kinect figet ring).

For example my character Regan from my 1x1 rp has the same types:

  • Necklace of a butterfly that she got from her late grandpa when she was little.
  • watch with a gps tracker in case she gets kidnapped again.
  • engagement ring because obvious reasons.


  • What are some jewelry your character wears?
  • What is the value of then?
  • Are they a gold, brons or silver person?

Leah Adams always wears a cross necklace.

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How did they get it?

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Ah, her parents are extreme Christians. Like, they force her to wear modest clothing and read the Bible. Yes, they’re that type if Christian.

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Would she ever get rid of it?
Why yes it no?
Would it be hard for her?

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For most of my characters, I haven’t really thought about what jewelry they would wear unless there was something specific because of the something in the RP itself or the character’s past.

One character from back when I first started RPing, Isabella Snow, she had a necklace that she always wore, a simple silver necklace with a snowflake. She wore it because it was the one thing her mother had given her that was from her father, and until later on when RPing her she had never met her father, only wondering what he was like. Then later on she wore an engagement/wedding ring that was previously worn on a necklace by her then boyfriend (later her husband) because it originally belonged to his mother.

For a recent example, I have Malachi Azure, who wears two rings. One ring being his wedding ring, and the other being a ring he wears on his pinky next to his wedding ring. That ring is the more important of the two, being from someone he actually cared about, which years later serves more as a reminder of the things he should have done differently and the kind of person he wants to be.

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She’d flush it down the toilet if she could. Her parents are horrible people, and she wants nothing to do with them and their stifling religious beliefs. No, she’d be so happy.

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Loraine :

Engagement ring.
Has a huuuge collection of watches, so wears one of them every day.
Likes to wear brooches on occasions.

  1. Engagement ring - I don’t think I gotta explain this, especially to Meeke :joy: but yeah, if he loses it, he’ll go crazy and probably order his gang to find a ring.
  2. Watches - nothing but taste and obsession.
  3. Brooches - for fashion

Platinum person :slightly_smiling_face:

For some reason, I really like the idea of a character wearing the ashes of a dead relative that were firmeres into a diamond.

Nevaeh wears :

this bracelet her cousin/best friend (Traeh- heart spelt backwards) and her bought for each other.

And also this pendant:


her mamma gave her before leaving

Nevaeh bracelet is to symbolize her and Traeh’s friendship, they met at first and Neveah insulted her fashion sense and the way she cried when they were kids but they became bff, it symbolizes a hate (more on Nevaeh) turned friendship.

The pendant represents promises, when she turn 19 something will happen.

Nevaeh prefers gold and silver.

Háo Tiān wears beaded necklaces. Honestly, I’m not sure why he’d wear them. I just saw that the creature he’s modeled after was wearing them.

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Loraine : Elegant brooches (gold/silver/platinum) and sometimes with gold /silver chains maybe

Zara : doesn’t wear unnecessary jewellery unless she installed some useful features

Shaila : Belly chains all the time
She loves this stuff

It also goes with their culture

Gonna do this for my BR2 chars:
Clara: Gold for sure, perhaps beaded jewellery like this and definitely lots jewellery with butterflies
Xavier: He wears a chain with a cross on it (part of his character) but I can see him also having earrings, probably silver
Athena: They have a red string bracelet they wear that was given to them by their grandmother, other than that they would probably just wear simple jewellery, nothing more than earrings and a necklace
Niko: Simple jewellery, lots of silver and pearls with probably some blue pieces here and there
Embry: Hoop earrings, for sure. A lot of statement pieces and a few with sentimental value. Her pieces would be a mix of gold and silver
Napoleon: Three silver rings, one of which was his father’s wedding ring and the others are just accessories. I can also see him having earrings
Evelyn: She’s not afraid to layer her jewellery, wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets at once. I can also see her mixing metals


for my House of Caesar characters

  • Carmo: xe loves long and/or mismatched earrings, especially ones with sword/knife charms
  • Valeria: one of her dads actually knows a bit of basic jewellery making, so she wears mostly the bracelets and earrings that he makes, all of which is pretty simple but her dad makes sure to make it match her style
  • Xinyi: CHOKERS! they adore chokers! and rings too, big rings are their weakness. also anything cute they find so it’s not weird to see them with children’s jewellery some days
  • Yasu: simple piercings, he doesn’t make much of an effort on accessories, but he does make sure that he can keep it classy most times so smaller earrings and studs and the like are his go to

for my (OG) exousía kiddos (because i always have exousía brainrot)

  • Chris: his masculinity is too fragile (at the start of the story) to wear jewellery. weak. /hj
  • Evelyn: anything cute, if it’s pink or it’s got lace or hearts, she likes it
  • Oyarsa: nope, jewellery is a big no no for her, it’s too uncomfortable
  • Valen: oh this b!tch is EXTRA and it shows in their accessories, they have to wear things that are fit for royalty, you know? so only the best/most elegant jewellery for them (while playing with gender ofc)

Emberlynn is a pearl kind of girl, bracelets, necklace, earrings, anything with pearls will do. If it isn’t pearl, she will wear true golden necklaces and 2 golden rings, so she defo is a golden colour queen. Anything she wears is expensive.

I can see Amanda wearing a bunch of silver with black rings, some black earcuffs (she had her ears pierced multiple times yes) and black chokers. She cares about it, so wouldn’t mind spending some money on it.

Camila she probably wears a silver bracelet that was her mom’s, then she wears mostly colourful jewellery. Like quite out there earrings, maybe a multi coloured necklace, or anything floral/with butterflies. For Camila it’s more about the emotional value than the actual value in money.

I imagine Leah wearing very limited jewellery. When she does it’s plain and simple, just some small silver or bronze studs, a simple silver or bronze necklace and maybe one ring. Usually they are not worth that much.



  • Simple gold pieces - very green girl aesthetic
  • I feel like her mom buys them for her so extremely expensive but Amie doesn’t even know @astxrism mama buying her cartier rings and amie just being like “cool”
  • Gooollld