What kinds of housework is not appropriate for children to do?

Does anyone have some things around the house that they would be inappropriate for a child to do? Why so?

I personally think anything of the technical work that a kid would be possibly forced to do on their own would be unethical. Unless you’re taught with a family member around and are farther grown up.

@Discussions what do you think or feel?

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Ironing clothes, laundry, cook. Lot of things that involve fire, heat or electricity in my opinion.

Using the definition of a child which is between 0-9

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Depends on the age but I think fire heat and electricity like Meeke said especially if under 13

Thank you for the discussion, you helped me, nice!!


Nah I’m kidding

Well kinda, I do have an issue with people who choose to have kids then just put them up to all the housework and pretty much just make them do everything like, you chose to have them, they didn’t choose to be here.

However, encouraging them to help around the house isn’t a bad thing, you can all just take it in turns!

Don’t have them do anything they’re physically incapable of doing and if they’re really young then probably don’t let them near bleach and stuff.