What makes a tabletop game a good game?

For me a good tabletop game has to be fun and not too complicated, because I tend to get distracted easily… I also prefer games that work with a small number of players because it can be hard to find enough players otherwise… :eyes::sparkles:

So what makes a tabletop game a good game for you?
Can you give some examples of good tabletop games? :eyes::sparkles:

For me, it’s a good tabletop game if it doesn’t take too long to play because people hardly ever have enough time to play for several hours. I don’t mind if it’s complicated because somehow I’ll understand it but I don’t like it when it’s only about luck. At least give me a chance to find a strategy to win :joy:

@Gamers any opinions on this?

I somehow can’t find any new good tabletop games :upside_down_face:



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Cluedo is fun

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I vote for Munchkin. Love that game. Or Risk is a classic… or even Scrabble.

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Life the Game mainly the electronic version is really fun! You need to have people who are willing to play a board game in order to have some real fun with it. I would try Disney Villains, Pictopia games are good as well with a group, so are the monopoly themed Mario and friends version game is super fun! Your characters have special powers they can use in the game. Battleship is a classic game that is quite fun to play! I recently played it with my friend @Amet.the.Hunter13 this past month.


I like a lot of strategy card games, and you usually don’t need new supplies

I also like playing pictionary


Wait no yes scramble is like the best game ever I literally begged my dad for it and it was the last one there, I was literally jumping up and down when he said yesss


i don’t think i’ve ever heard of that one, how does it work? :eyes:

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