What makes you roll your eyes everytime you hear it?

Wht makes you roll your eyes everytime you heard it? Personally, when you repeat the word too many times, it’s annoying. It just shows bad and lazy writing.

An example is “Yummy”.

I find “Havana” a bit annoying for the same reason, but I enjoy it.

  • What makes you roll your eyes everytime you hear it?
  • And why so?

When someone starts going in detail about the appearance of every. single. character.
They don’t even incorporate it into their writing by having the features stand out or having the MC ‘examine’ the other characters.
they just leap in, describing every character by
a) their skin colour
b) the way they dress
c) their eyeballs
and d) every minute detail of their hair
And they do this all at once, instead of spreading it out so we get a feel for each character as the story progresses, rather than having a bunch of descriptions shoved at us at the start and forget half of it before the end

and then just call it a day and look at it saying “yea that looks fine

idk but yis eyeroll moment

…this commercial :sweat_smile:

Cringey lyrics, like “I love it when you call me señorita”. What’s so special about being called señorita? It’s just a formal greeting for a woman, equivalent to ‘Miss’. Anyone who doesn’t know your name could call you ‘señorita’ in a Spanish-speaking country.

“You can’t like pop and metal”
“Oh you like the band? Name 10 songs?”
“I don’t want my favourite band to get popular”
“Musicians need to be angry and depressed all the time to make good music”

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