What Makes You Stop Reading A Wattpad Story?

Heyy there.
So what makes you stop reading a wattpad story? Is it because of any cliche dialogue you come across, bad plot or bad grammar?

Share your opinions below.


All of the three that you’ve mentioned


Once I see how cliche it is… bad grammar, bad intro.


Erotic junk.
I was looking for some stories on Wattpad one day because I was thinking of publishing one of my stories over there. And I started checking out other stories to see what format people were writing in.
Almost all of the stories that were trending were filled with erotica and very explicit sex scenes.
Now, if that’s what you like reading and writing about, I don’t have a problem with it but I personally don’t like that.

  1. Boring.
  2. Not a nice storyline.
  3. Doesn’t excite me.
  4. Has no meaning but intense romance
  5. Boring introduction

Exactly, I said intense romance because I didn’t want to say the word :joy:

Bad grammar doesn’t upset me because I know that people make some mistakes

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All the trending stories I see are romance-centered and very cliche, little to no diversity…


When you don’t capitalize anything
When you capitalize everything

Using orbs to describe eyes But I kinda want to start a new trend and start using orifice :rofl::rofl:

If the protagonist is too childish and they have an Love interest… it just comes off weird.

If you write excessively about kinks or smut

Unless the characters are super interesting or the plot is, I generally dislike rushed relationships.

If every sentence is metaphorical… I like having that detailed description but I don’t need to hear about how the MC views society while tying their shoes.

If there’s nothing unique about the story or I don’t find anything enjoyable in the first two chapters I either remove it from my library or just forget about it


When your charactes are irrevocably r*tarded and/or stupid that I feel the need to eviscerate them with a rusty spoon.

Bad grammar and punctuation

Mix of first, second and third povs


Poor grammar and incorrect capitalization
Plots that makes no sense
Characters that overly naive


All of the above lol. Other than that, bad characters and very cliche plotline are big no no to me.


Pretty much what makes me stop reading any other story: genre I don’t like, bad plot, underdeveloped characters, cliches, bad grammar and spelling and not updating in 87 years.


Blinding, mind-numbing migraines. I swear, whenever I drop a WP story, that’s the reason :rofl:


I stop reading if the dialogue sounds super stilted. Don’t know why, but it angers me.

What makes me story reading a story in general is usually romance, which is ironic considering that I love writing about romance. HA.
What about you @Skyler2, what puts you off?

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Oh hi
I don’t
Read WattPad stories

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Is there a platform you use instead?

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Uhm I suppose i stop reading when the story diverts from the original plot or goes on for too long. Or when it’s split into two different plots.

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Righto. Nice.

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