What optical illusion freaks you out the most?

Optical illusions can be freaky. I’d say the one that freaks me out the most is the one where it looks like a hole. What about you guys? This is the illusion.


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I remember this one “optical illusion” that looked likeca hole, like this one. Except it was…actually a hole. It wasn’t as deep as the illusion lead people to believe but people were still breaking legs from accidentally falling in.

The ones that look like they’re moving whenever your eyes shift back and forth. Those give me headaches. So, should I add a trigger warning on this post??

View at your own discretion!- Moving Illusion

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I can always delete it if it’s too much? LMAO

Edit: Found a way around it that will save all scrolling eyeballs. :eyes:

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Lol, my eyes move anyway. I have Nystagmus.

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Well, I hope it doesn’t cause you headaches.

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