What’re your thoughts on Brave?

It’s personally one of my favorite animated movies besides Spider-Verse. I love Merida because she’s just so bad*ss and different than the other princesses. And her accent. :heart_eyes: She’s also representing the redhead community, so that’s a plus. I mean, besides Anna and Ariel, but still. We all know who the better out of the three is—

I’m getting off track. What’re your thoughts on Brave?


I love the mother daughter relationship! It’s a really good movie and honestly surprisingly scary- I feel like anyone can watch it- not just kids.


I like how she is strongly independent and shows her spitfire personality throughout the movie. I find it interesting that they veered from the usual romance plot-line that Disney usually goes with. I love the mother and daughter relationship and how it projected the struggles of being a teenager dealing with a parent failing to understand their child. The same on how the Merida as fails on understanding what her mother is trying to do for her.


I love her. Shes strong, I like her accent, shes pretty, and brave.


It’s a bit of a derivative mess in a lot of ways. The story is boring and predictable, the side characters are dull and uninteresting, the main character is a fake feminist ‘not like other girls’ princess who only has a couple of good moments. The character designs are kinda solid but not fantastic, and the animation is middle of the road at best.

The voice acting is fine. The accents are fine. They’re not believable by any means, but anyone who lives outside Scotland won’t have an issue with them because they’re fine. The Scottish mythology used is pretty on point in terms of wisps, but not bears. We don’t use bears in our mythology and we don’t actually have brown or grizzly bears here in Scotland, and we never have. Wolves would have been better because at one point in history there were indigenous wolves and wildcats. But then it wouldn’t be a rip-off of Brother Bear so. Eh.

The music is fantastic, the scenery is mind-blowingly good - though that’s because they used actual Scottish countryside as their basis so of course, it’s good, but aside from that, it’s fairly blandly forgettable imo.


Not to mention the whole story was Merida’s fault but she doesn’t get any damn ramifications for it. Her only great scene is the archery one, which she does actually get ramifications for. Egh. Some decisions in this film. Sure, she was oppressed and stuff and feminism blah blah. But she almost killed her mother. Oppression is not an excuse to just get away with that.


Well damn.


Mis-read this as Bravo, as in the reality tv channel with shows like Vanderpump Rules and the Real Housewives which is a VERY different topic…


This is my favee movie of all time!! She is soo independent and knows what she wants :star_struck:

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