What religion were the Vikings?

While Christianity is now the main religion in the area once inhabited by the Vikings, this wasn’t always the case. The Vikings had their own religion, which they held onto for the majority of their time period. What religion were the Vikings? Do you know?

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also being called, Ase-tro Asa-tru.Ása-trú

tro means belief or faith. asa is short for asaer which is humans. ordinary people

As far as I know, they used to worship Odin and his sons.

Like line said Asa-tro, but it’s important to note that viking was an occupation (: also later on in history there began to be more Christian vikings

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Well, they definitely believed in Freya and Odin. I’m not sure what religion that’s called though.

That is Asa-tro.

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Ok, thanks!

I love this so much. They’re getting a temple.