What’s your Color Palatte?

As described in the title. :eyes: When it comes to painting/coloring/whatever your art piece, do you prefer coloring in mono, black and white, or full color? Warm or cold shades? Pastels/muted colors or bold colors? Does it depend on what art piece you’re going for or does it stay consistent through it all?



I paint with whatever colors are available :joy:

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I usually draw characters from fandoms, so I use a picture of them and use the colors they were made with.

Most of the things I’ve drawn have been characters from animes or cartoons so for those I extract the colours directly from my reference image


Majority of the time it depends on what I’ve chosen to draw or if it’s a request, then whatever the person has requested me to use :~)

If I’m choosing the piece, I tend to lean towards full,bold colours because that’s what I feel I’m best at and what I’m more used to. I’ve only ever drawn in black and white once and mono once but I enjoyed both a lot!

I’m currently really into painting the sea, waves, sky, sunset so I use a lot of blues and reds!

I usually pick out a color palete after I finish my sketch. My go to is blue and orange/coral or yellow and grays

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I usually pick colors based on the mood I want to set for the image. Usually the flats stay whatever the characters are but the shading colors changes based on the mood I want to show:

I also love to practice with limited palettes too!


Holy- Wow :heart_eyes:

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Thanks! :3

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I usually prefer light colours, which are either bold or pastel depending on my mood :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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I love pastel colors, they’re so pretty and fun to work with

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I don’t have a consistent color palette, I pick colors based on the drawing and it’s mood. Though I do want a color palette for when I actually start posting art one day :eyes:

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All colors really for me. I use whatever I think fits what I’m drawing. I’m not really consistent with the colors I choose. I guess I use bolder colors more, but it depends on what it is.

I really like dark colors and pastel colors :thinking:

I just use what colors fit with the vibe of the piece tho :joy:

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