What’s your favourite art piece you’ve ever made?

My favourite art piece is something I’ve recently painted! Over the summer I’ve been painting sea a lot and I made this really small painting that I’m obsessed with hahaha I’d post a picture but I’m not home

So, fellow artists, what’s your favourite art piece you’ve ever made?
Share it with us :relieved:



@Artists ~ share your favorite piece of art you’ve made? :pleading_face:

madelaine petsch

I had to link it from my onedrive. This is a collage edit I put together for a class project.

This is deffo my fave i had so much funn making it :innocent:

my masterpiece!!

fav art piece i made

No but fr-


Ye in episode style :eye::lips::eye:

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It’s beautiful <3

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Gotta be this thing:

That was back at the time when I still drew fanart for my friends, and had anything resembling ambition =.=;




Wow, picking a favorite is hard for me, and nothing specifically comes to mind as something special.
But I guess I’ll share a couple of drawings I made forever ago now that I feel kinda proud of

This one, I did use an outline I found on the internet for the base of the body shape though, because I can’t draw a proportional body in a halfway normal pose to save my life.

This one, it was by following a drawing tutorial as a reference, but it was all done by me.

Added a couple tags to the thread too

This one!! I painted this just now :pleading_face:

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For now, it’s my magical girls, which took me some 2 years to fully finish bit by bit. Their story will eventually happen.


Folowed by my fire boys, another story that will eventually happen.

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Not my favorite but I really do like it.


Favourite digital art piece

Favourite IRL drawing