What’s your favourite song that was released this year?

There are many, many great songs that were released this year, but what’s your favourite?

If I had to pick one it would be People watching by Conan Gray! It’s such a perfect song…


At the moment, Drunk-Dazed by ENHYPEN!

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Christmas in June by AJR just had a new music video. Although I’ve already heard it many times since the album is released but looking at their mv just makes me fall in love with that song all over again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know it’s just a cover and not an original song made this year, but I’m going to choose ‘I Only Wanna Be with You’ by Post Malone, because it was released around the time I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and it was the first song I listened to after a month of not listening to music at all. And it was what got me back into writing. Plus, it’s the type of music that I think he should make more often, because it really works well with his vocals.

Probably Fanfare by TWICE, it’s so catchy :star_struck:

Woman by Doja cat, People watching by Conan and get into it yuh by doja cat

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