What’s your opinion on eggs?

I was curious. We all know I hate eggs but do y’all like them?

If so, what size and how do you like to eat them?


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Omelettes are disgusting tho

I like eggs, but I can’t eat too much of them because of my mild allergy from them.

I don’t like over-easy and poached ones. It just doesn’t sit with me when the egg yolk isn’t fully cooked.

I like my eggs scrambled but not boiled.

I love egg yolk but I’m not the biggest fan of egg white.

I love eggs. Although, for some reason, my mom made pizza dough out of eggs because my dad’s on the Keto diet, and my gas was so bad that I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know why that happened. I’ve eaten eggs before with no problem.

FRENCH TOAST :yum::yum::yum:

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I like soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached, stuffed, and occasionally sunny side up eggs.
I hate scrambled eggs and I’m not really into omelettes.

eggs are delicious :yum:

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I had a fried egg today

even though some people say you mustn’t eat the yolk, only the white… but uh I like both the yolk and white.

Yes I love eggs (but not the cholesterol content :sweat_smile:)
I love them fried or boil honestly.

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I love eggs - boiled, on toast, scrambled, omelettes, poached. Almost any way you can think of. I prefer to buy from farmers, farm fresh is so much better than from caged hens, and it’s worth the extra cost.

Eggs are tasty and healthy. Same as @Jayda, I liked them boiled, on toast, scrambled, omelettes, poached AND as well as deviled. Deviled Eggs are pretty yummy.

What about you @Foodies?



Convenient and :ok_hand: I just love them in whatever way they can be cooked

I don’t really like them unless their mixed in/with something, or they are sunny side up

They’re ight

Oh God, yes!

Eggs are soooo good

I like boiled and scrambled eggs, so I wouldn’t mind having either one of them (or both) for breakfast :yum: