What separates friends from acquaintances?

Acquaintances can be people that are friendly and nice, but not necessarily the first person I would walk up to in a room of people, unless I had no choice.
Friends are people that I can be my true self around, that I can talk to about whatever is on my mind, and joke with. I can’t usually joke with acquaintances.

What do you think, @Discussions ?




Idk, there vibe? How comfortable you are with them?

Um… I don’t know. Cause I think what most people would call a friendship, I just consider as an acquaintance.

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Friends are people I’m more comfortable/unfiltered with. Acquaintances are people I’ve only met once or twice who don’t talk much with me.

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If I talk to someone outside of work, college… I call them my friend, everyone else - acquaintances? I think… I don’t know… I don’t know how to explain that, it’s not that easy. It really depends

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