What size post is reasonable for RPs?

What do you think is a reasonable size post for RPs?

How much do you write on average for a post?

What kind of character situations do you write long(er) posts for?

I think anything above 5 lines is completely fine. It’s not my place to say how you should write, though for me and I think a few/lot of other people, it’s extremely difficult to reply to short (1-3 or 4) lines.

In terms of my average posts, I like to try and push myself to get out a post that stays at the standards… that I set myself. Sometimes it’s very hard, though, and I am guilty of adding lines and extra information for the sake of making it longer, though the extra details are beneficial to learning more about the character and their perspective.

Though I have not posted it yet, the post I probably have written the most for is an action-type one (hence writing it ages before having to post), but aside from that I only ever write longer posts for intro posts. Then I usually give up after that.


I personally think anything over two paragraphs (maybe one, not short tho, really depends on the specific thing tho) is good, I don’t like short one/two liners they make it a lot harder to actually reply and just turn out boring to rp.


@CHBRPers, what size post do you think is the most reasonable? ^^^

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Have a read of the OP. (wink)

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I think one liners r fine.

I think if u wanna write three pages worth its fine


Did you mean to use to @/rpers tag because you only tagged those from CHB


No, I did, I was trying to get the RPing groups interacting more too, not just doing a large group tag.

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Ah. I see.

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I think at least a paragraph (or five to eight sentences) is a reasonably sized post to include dialogue, thoughts, setting, etc. Nothing is wrong with writing less as long as the post has substance, and I’m a strong believer in quality > quantity. If someone has nothing more to say, I would prefer it if they keep their post concise instead of fluffing it with unnecessary information. Frankly, it would save me a lot of time and energy too. :,))

Although I tend to reflect the word count of my RP partner, I generally like to write multiple paragraphs. I understand that this is a learning process, so as long as my RP partner puts in effort, it’s fine if they write more or less than me. c:

For the introduction, when my character is alone, or during flashback scenes, I would write longer posts.

Two instances where I would write a shorter post is if it’s an action scene (the characters won’t have that much time to think, say anything, or observe their surroundings), or a tense back and forth between characters (realistically, the chances that my character can say much before they’re interrupted by another character is slim and I don’t want to unintentionally godmod by not allowing them to have a chance to speak).


Anything that isn’t a one-liner or less than a paragraph works for me. I am guilty of writing waaaaay too long posts and completely missing the point of the original post, but I generally write multiple paragraphs.

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13 paragraphs, take it or leave it


are you-

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I can’t tell definitely what it is, but I know it has to be at least one good-looking paragraph that contains all necessary words for interaction. It doesn’t need to be big in particular, but it’s surely is reasonable to keep make a “balance” with the person you’re roleplaying with so the other won’t feel negative. It has to has lines and dialogue that encourages interactions to move the story forward, because that’s what roleplaying is about, after all.

My post isn’t really consistent, but I’m gonna say around two paragraphs. It actually depends on the other roleplayer, how immersed I am with the interaction, as well as my own character :sweat_smile: I don’t really try to go for size posts, but rather the quality.

Situations… maybe situations that are thought-provoking, emotional, or the likes? Maybe, also yes, action-packed scenes. Those very action-y situations.

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20-40 paragraphs :nerd_face:
jk jk.

I think a few paragraphs would be nice to read…
I hate one-liners tho.

2-3 paragraphs.
Or 4, depending on how motivated and inspired I am.

Uhhh idk?
The beginning posts ig…

i think it depends :thinking:
like sometimes you only need a teeny paragraph
but sometimes you need a whole essay :woozy_face:

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I think it depends on what’s necessary, honestly :eyes:

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Personally I like short posts with only 3 sentences just as much as the book works, sometimes even more than the long ones.
I often feel intimidated when I see such long posts and all I am able to write are like 5 sentences. :sweat_smile:

For me the long posts happen when I have something to actually fill it with.

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Lol meee

Mine are usually like 2-4 paragraphs but anything longer than 2 paragraphs is good