What song do you want to learn?

We have a thread about the first song you learned to play moving forward what songs do you guys want to learn? To be honest on bass I just want to learn more songs by bands I like as opposed to just songs by bands my Dad. But before anyone says “teach yourself” there is alot more to it than that so don’t judge. He is home all day due to lockdown. It’s not that I don’t like his music, I do appreciate him teaching me stuff it’s just that I got bass to play music I’m into.


i play guitar more than piano…

and i basically play chords and sing

but i want to learn “spanish love song” because my mom loves that song


I wanna learn every single Final Fantasy track and song on every instrument


Lol come to me if you ever want to learn something on violin lmao.

On violin I want to play Isabella’s Lullaby from Promised Neverland, I haven’t watched the anime but I have listened to some of the music and the music is just great. The anime seems good too, but I can’t really find somewhere to watch it on… soo…


I really want to learn Water Under The Bridge by Adele on keyboard but I can’t find good (and free) notes online :sob:

I have a guitar but I’m not that good at it. I always wanted to be able to play it but I just never had time to practice, that’s something I want to change now! There are so many songs I would like to learn! I’ve tried to learn * Boulevard of broken dreams* and it wasn’t that hard. Right now, I think I want to learn Home, Hey there Delilah and Malleable.

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