What three things would your character bring with them to a desert island?

Imagine that your character got stuck on an deserted island, what would they have?

My characters would all have something to make fire, and their clothes. Depending on which type of world the characters are from, they would have probably ended up their during a flight crash and so they would have a phone or smth with them.

As for the fantasy characters… Nothing, they would be able to live of the land.

@RPers, what about your characters?


Quill (from FTD) would probably bring
Water, cuz… Water
Rope, so she could use it or strangle something if need be :sweat_smile:
Kristi @Kristi :eyes:
And probably a blanket of some sort, for walking through the sun, shelter or when it got cold at night



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I could think about what my characters would say they would bring with them on a deserted island, but then there’s what they would actually likely have with them if they were stranded on a deserted island, and I feel like what they would answer themselves would be very different from what they would likely have. Some may be able to fend for themselves and make it through fine, while others probably wouldn’t do so well.

Does anyone else think their characters would choose items completely different from what they would actually have with them in that situation?

Is that their k!nk or smth?

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Rope or Kristi :sweat_smile:

thats a weird sentence, anyways Kristi is wifey

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I know
I don’t think you understood my dirty joke

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