What two genres of music do you listen to that sound like the complete opposite to one another?

For me, honestly I listen to so much types of music.

But to be specific, I can go from listening to Heavy Metal to Alternative/Indie without an issue.

What about you?


Or go from Rap to Punk Rock.

Me too. I can go from Get Scared and Motionless and White to Cavetown and Girl in Red.

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Lol two artists completely opposite in music that I listen to is Girl in Red and $uicideboy$.


Lol. I also love Vocaloid, but that’s a mix of genres, just computers singing in Japanese.

Emo and show tunes

I will go from MCR to Cats and not think twice about it

i go from Tchaikovsky to metal to disney musicals, if that counts?

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It counts.

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i go from heavy metal to phonk to clasical music and then to hip hop, nice :sunglasses:


I go from listening to MCR and Black Veil Brides to Twice and Blackpink-

Punk rock to classical

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That :joy:

Mine goes from like Mcr to ed sheeran to Beyonce to wicked soundtrack to halestorm to Disney songs and more
There is no limit

Mine goes from Dababy then Karmin, then K-pop and some of the local Jamaican and Trinidadian tunes :star_struck:

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Example a:

Well… these days I go back and forth between listening to Post Malone and the soundtrack from the Go! series, which are total opposites. I don’t have a “type” of music; I just like what I like.


Ummm… I’m not sure about opposites 'cause most genres can be mixed together, no?

What about for you, @raviola?

this is the best example I think:

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My taste in music is insane. I can listen to Tom Jobim one day and then Drunken Tiger and BTS the next- or TLC one day then MCR in a few hours