What video games do you think are too hated?

Basically, video games when released, are either loved or hated. What games do you think got too much hate?
To me it would be vampire rain. People say that game as the worst game to ever exist, but I honestly found it pretty fun. And do think that there are much worse games than that to exist.


I’m not that into games so I wouldn’t know but

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Umm… I don’t know what too hated. @Gamers, any ideas form you guys?

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I don’t know, but people hate Fortnite a lot. I used to play it with my nephews when they were here, and it does have really good graphics, and they’re always coming out with cool new skins, so I don’t find it as bad as a lot of people think it is.

The game itself is eh to me, mostly cause I constantly think of minecraft’s survival games when it comes to battle royales. But just hate the fact it’s caused the battle royale trend. Too many games did it now.

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I’m gonna go ahead and throw Skyward Sword into the mix :eyes:

People disliked the original because of motion controls, Fi, backtracking and let’s face it, because it wasn’t Ocarina of Time.

So I’ll look at each reason:

  • Motion controls: I find this reason fair! It’s probably the only reason I find fair but SS HD has been really rad to play with button only controls!

  • Fi - This one annoys me, Fi is a perfectly fine companion, she’s definitely no worse than any of the others. Yes, she’s handholdy and gives useless information but frankly so did Navi and Midna. People often say they didn’t like Fi because of how rad Midna was but honestly I feel like people dislike Fi just for the sake of it like chill :joy:

  • Backtracking: it’s only annoying on replay come on guys

  • It’s not OoT: This is a problem with Zelda fans in general

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@Gamers Which video games got too much hate in your opinion?