What was the last thing you dressed fancy for?🦋

Pretty sure mine was my friend’s brother’s birthday or my grandparents 50 year anniversary party (both over a year ago)

What about you?


I always try to dress fancy so I would say my friend’s bday, even if we were outside in a park. But the last time I dressed really fancy would probably be my prom, 2 years ago

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Probably Prom, which was last year in April

Maybe when I went out for dinner a few weeks ago… if you mean really fancy, probably my birthday back in July

My bday but only for like two hours and then I changed into sweatpants. :skull:

Actually my moms birthday, which was yesterday. I guess I just wanted to make her happy by looking like the fancy and sophisticated girl she wants me to be :no_mouth:

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My talent show last year, but I was a model. If we’re talking fancy fancy, then it’d have to be the school gala I went to last year. Maybe.

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Because you’re gorgeous innit

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I wore a turtleneck, black pants, boots and a (faux) fur coat. I wore a face full of makeup too :joy:

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Fancy is usually casual with jewelery, so I’d say my birthday :star_struck:

I would say semi formal. I dressed nice on Easter, but I wore a tie and everything for semi.

Formal fancy?
One of my cousin’s wedding in July 2019…
Since then, I don’t think I’ve had any event I dressed particularly fancy for.

A funeral :thinking: Really fancy, probably my high school prom. (I’m not good at dressing fancy though)

Most likely a funeral. Haven’t dressed fancy in a long time. :thinking::white_heart:

My friend’s wedding, over a year ago. Hilariously, the previous time I dressed fancy was the defence of my Master’s thesis 6 years prior. One hour before I had to go I discovered that there was a bird poop on my dress, which I never washed off. Imagine my moment of panic :rofl:

The wedding I’m going to now. I’m wearing a nice jumpsuit, good makeup and my hair’s all done!

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maybe an event I went to a few months ago


Probably diwali which was some days ago but if you mean fancy fancy than probably in someones wedding last year-


I haven’t dressed fancy in a hot minute :thinking: maybe a year ago at one of my school’s dances?