What will happen to the Earth if all humans disappear from it?

So, secondary succession would occur. Once there is no humans, there is nothing to keep electricity going (or maybe, idk) but everything to our houses, to big a$$ buildings, will be overtaken by the plants that will be able to grow.

Secondary succession is basically just plants and animals making their habitat’s back to theirs after a huge disturbance in their area (humans are the example in this). They finally are given the room to grow again, and I think the Earth would get healthier due to the inability for humans to pollute actively.

Though, I think there are some areas where the pollution may continue. @Discussions do you have any ideas on what those areas might be and why it might not allow secondary succession to occur?

Domesticated animals are screwed

Yeah people like to try and claim that the earth would be better without humans but humans have made it so that without them, the earth wouldn’t be livable to many different animals and certain things wouldn’t be able to properly maintain themselves, again, due to how we’ve set them up.