What wishes do you have for your country?

I’m sure we all have some wishes for our countries, something we wish we could change or possibly make better. So, @Discussions, what are your wishes? :thinking:

I know that everyone here wants is a different president, better life standards, more job opportunities because it’s really hard to find a job here if you don’t have connections (:

  • that for once the left politics would have a majority. :upside_down_face: (or at least a little bigger amount of power)
  • that people have more chances on their education despite their background
  • that we get out of lockdown
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Can you move NZ closer to the rest of the world?

Can every dickhead get out of the US?
half of population leaves

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To represent Albinos more.
to legalize a lot of things

To speed up the vaccination process! Right now, they’re only vaccinating the elderly and those who work in hospitals.
I just read an article today about how the U.S. will vaccinate foreign travelers, but right now, it’s only in three states, and my relatives don’t live in those states.
Because I’m planning to go visit my relatives in July.

For it to f*cking go somewhere mentally. To get out of the damn 50’s.

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