What would be your tragic villain origin story? 😈

I’m not sure tbh, probably something related to someone being mean to me or someone I like :eyes:
Maybe someone bullying the ducks at the pond? :sob:


Snapping because of my disabilities. Being jealous that people are able to do things I can’t.

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Heartbreak, definitely heartbreak :sweat_smile:

Oh well you see it’s quite simple

One day someone waved in my direction, I thought they were waving at me
So I waved back
I was wrong
So I decided that instead of just take the embarrassment I should wipe out mankind


You really are a villain, Skelly

I do not think so

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Oh, she is, you don’t know

Envy or injustice. Loneliness is another one


The quiet girl in the background scheming against the popular kids.

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