What Would You Have Done Differently?

If you could change a choice you made in your life, big or small, that could’ve altered how things are now, what would you have done differently?



I wouldn’t have bought a new phone :eyes::sparkles:
My life would probably be much easier without the internet and I wouldn’t feel tired so much :eyes::sparkles:


I would try to understand mathematics better.
Because I barely understand it.

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@Divcp would u go back in time to change a choice u made? Maybe the one where you chose to become unlike other girls

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No bye :walking_man:

Ok but fr i wish i never found the forums :pray:
Because im not productive irl because of being sm here
But i still like
Ok bye

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That’s deppreshun



I probably wouldn’t have gone into IB. I mean, it’s great knowing that I’ll have my uni tuition paid for, but it’s a bunch of extra stress and it’s no fun not being the smarted in the class anymore :(

To be honest, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I am not having the time of my life right now, but I’m fine with all the good things I’ve got at the moment.

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