What's lunch like at your school? 🌽

If I ever bring lunch to school, I eat it before the actual lunch period. Lunch is the second to last thing I have on a school day and I’m not waiting that long. :joy:

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That’s funny and sad at the same time :joy: :sob:

Hahahah :laughing:


We have economic rice, a bunch of noodles, snacks, drinks… It gets boring after a year of eating the same things, sadly, and no it’s not free. There’s a lot of tables so yeah, wherever, unless it’s really packed.




It sounds good though! :yum: But maybe a bit boring? :laughing:

We had about 10 dishes they switched between or so. I remember that it was fish every Wednesday.

Aw… not free? :cry:

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I go to a but of a rich kid school (I go there for the academics, not to show off or anything) so we have a huge selection for lunch

we have sandwich, salad, pasta and soup bars along with some daily main and some sort of dessert :joy:


I usually bring packed lunch to school

I usually eat a sandwich of some sort with some snack, maybe apples or peanut butter crackers, it’s good
If I get food at my school, I usually get pizza, chips or fries, and maybe an m&m cookie, it’s good to me but some people don’t like the food
The food at the school is not free

I eat in the choir room since I have choir during lunch every day except Tuesday. In choir, I have to sit in a specific section for my voice part, but in that section, I can sit anywhere although people sit in the same place every day
Then on Tuesdays, I eat in the cafeteria and I can sit wherever, I just sit wherever my friends are

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Wait, I thought you meant you never buy school lunch. I’m dumb :joy::rose::two_hearts:

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Whaaat?!!! :drooling_face: That’s sounds very luxurious and tastyyy :heart_eyes:

Nice! :yum:

Doesn’t sounds very healthy but tasty!

Aw :sneezing_face:

True :joy:

Nooo! Not allowed to spread lies on my thread :japanese_ogre:


At college the food we had deteriorated in year 13, it became so gross. They ruined red salt, the chips became bland, the nuggets made me feel sick and let’s not talk about the chicken burgers.

The only saving grace they had were the wraps which were so good but also more expensive so I ended up bringing in doritos to have with my wrap.

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The lunch could be better, but I try not to say bad things about the lunch out loud, because for some students, that’s the only meal they get. I don’t wanna make them feel bad.

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I usually pack my lunch or buy some on the way to class. We do have school cafeteria that has some delicious food ,but it’s usually pretty expensive. So unless it’s pizza or fish and chips day , I usually don’t bother looking around.

I mean nothing is really free. My mom bought it at the store I made a sandwich out of it. I usually just made a basic cheese and cucumber sandwich with a random piece of fruit on the side

Depending on the weather, I sometimes sit with my friends on the roof terrace next to the cafeteria. And yeah you pretty much sit wherever you want except for in the actual classroom because we have a lot of Mac computers and the teacher’s are afraid we might actually spill something on them.

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What’s that

We never had chips at our school

Aw… But you seemed to have lots of fast food dishes.

Oof, you had to pay for it?

Aw, that’s nice of you. But I don’t think it’s mean to say though.


Oh okay. When I said free I was thinking about the food at the schools I’ve been to where the food is payed from taxes which adults pay indirectly. That food is for everyone though, which is kind of nice. Nobody has to worry about food in school.




Oof! I mean, Idk what the food was like in my high school because I never had it but in the first year of college the chips were good.

I hate vegetables so I never got the healthy options

Lol of course! This was college so you aren’t entitled to a free lunch like in school, unless you were a bursary kid who got dinner tokens.

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Oh lol! XD

Oh okay :laughing:

Oh yeah. We don’t get food for free either. I usually bring some left overs because I’m cheap lol

It’s not mean (bc I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings), but I still may make people feel bad, and that’s not what I want to do. So I’d rather avoid saying that.

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Oh okay. Yeah that’s true. But very considerate of you! :open_hands:t3:

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Well, at the school where I work, I bring my own lunch because I don’t like the things they serve in the cafeteria. When I was going to school, I also brought my own lunch for the same reasons.

I sometimes bring leftovers and heat them up in the microwave. It was a challenge to make lunch when I worked at a school that didn’t have a microwave because I could only bring pasta, sandwiches, and salads, or things that can be eaten cold.

Before quarantine, I had lunch duty four times a week. So on Mondays, I usually sat at the front tables. Some kids would sit with me and practice their English. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I had cafeteria duty, which was okay… if I had no one to talk to, I’d grade or write the answer key for my lessons. But on Thursdays, my duty was sitting on the stairs of the 9th grade building. At first, I hated that duty because it was the most boring thing in the universe. Later, I started bringing my 9th grade books and materials with me because I had class with 9th right after lunch.

The WORST duty I ever had was lunch duty in elementary school. Kids wouldn’t pick up their trash, I always had to write reports because they were running, throwing food, hitting someone, or insulting a person. I witnessed a fist fight between a second and third grader once. A first grader started chasing her classmates with a sharp plastic fork and the maintenance crew and other teachers kept telling me to stop her.
I don’t ever want to work in elementary school again.


Ooof, hehe. Hopefully you got some food :sweat_smile:

:flushed: Sounds like a nightmare :laughing:

  • I normally didn’t eat lunch.
  • Nothing, which tastes better than the (paid) food that was offerred at my school.
  • You’re only allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but I spent lunch hanging out around my locker.
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