What's on your menu for Christmas?

So, what will you guys be eating around this Christmas days?

Me and my parents will be cooking for the whole family (9 people). It will kinda be a buffet style, with multiple starters, multiple mains and 2 dessert options.
Some of the dishes for tomorrow:
Chicken skewers
Pork tenderloin
Fried potatoes
Caprese salad in a fancy way
Something with creme brulee ice cream

But there’s much more, I didn’t want to make a too long list


I don’t know, pizza maybe? :eyes::sparkles::sweat_smile::smile_cat:
We don’t celebrate Christmas, so it will be the normal food for that day :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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Okay I’m coming to your house


Turkey, Yorkshire puddings (I begged my mum to let us have these), roast potatoes :heart_eyes:, carrots & peas :unamused:, broccoli :disappointed:, gravy :stuck_out_tongue::yum:, pigs in blankets :wink: and more


Alrighty y’all had better be ready for this :joy:


Patê and melbar toast (I have butter though)


Beef and chips for me but vegetables for the family
My Mum bought me some gammon but Idk if I’ll have it today or tomorrow


Ice cream, chocolate cake, whipped cream


I’ve always been grateful that my Mum doesn’t force me to eat vegetables


:christmas_tree: Christmas Chocolate
:christmas_tree: A full-course meal on Christmas and New Years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It honestly depends on where we’re going for Christmas dinner. We’re waiting for our relatives to let us know if we’re going with them or not, because it depends on some of their relatives from the other side of the family.
But a typical Christmas dinner here consists of:

-Bacalao a la vizcaina
-Stuffed turkey
-Pork loin
-Apple salad
-Pasta salad

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Cereal because I don’t celebrate Christmas :no_mouth::new_moon_with_face::cherry_blossom:

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Last night I made a ton of French food! Today too, actually. I was helping out my mother-in-law because it’s her first Christmas without her mom who passed recently. We didn’t have foie gras (not that I’d eat it anyway) because that was her specialty dish but it’s very typical of French cuisine.

Typical French Christmas Eve feast:

  • Toasts with different tapenade spreads
  • Oysters with lemon
  • Potato gratin - potatoes sliced thinly cooked in cream (gratin dauphinois)
  • Roasted carrots with butter and maple syrup (maple is more American/Canadian but it was a nice touch)
  • Sautéed mushrooms with shallots in a cream sauce (champignons à la forestière)
  • Roasted leg of lamb
  • Many cheeses
  • Simple salad with shallot
  • Ice cream cake in the shape of a log (bûche de Noël)
  • Christmas cookies with lemon icing
    Plus plenty of champagne and red wine

Then today we had:

  • Roasted chicken
  • Roasted small potatoes with rosemary
  • Mushroom torte
  • Arugula salad with fig, pears, walnuts and goat cheese
  • More cheese
  • More cookies
  • More cakes

I love cooking but now I’m exhausted and full

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  • Chocolate.
  • Tea.
  • Gratitude.
  • Salted sodas.
  • SOCKS!!! :yum::yum:
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I’m making cinnamon rolls today!

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I was so full yesterday but I had to keep eating lmao it was so good :yum:

What did y’all eat? Did you like it?

I ate cereal because I don’t celebrate Christmas ack.

Mood, I ate popcorn

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