What's something on Episode stories you dislike?

For me, I have a list lmao

1: Using the male avatars to make trans women.
I’m not a trans woman so I cannot say much, but the way the make them feels a bit…odd, lowkey transphobic? Like, why not just use the female avatars for them, you know, cuz they are women? And most of these characters I’ve seen are background characters, which makes me feel like they only want diversity points. Idk it kinda bothers me a bit. If you are trans, please feel free to share your opinion about this. Does it feel lowkey transphobic and lazy or not? I’d only use the male avatar for women if I want to make a buff woman since there are no buff women bodies.

2: Friends with no personality.
I dislike it when a character only exists for another character, that’s not how it works. Unless they’re a background character, it is a lot better if you give characters a personality, interests, and life outside the MC. There are series I’ve watched where the best friends have a back story, their own interests, internal and external problems, and even their own love interests who also have a personality and issues of their own! Stories where the characters, protagonists or not, have their own individual lives are much more interesting and feel more 3 dimensional and overall have depth. Make a character not only feel like a character, but like a person as well.

3: Cringey dialouge and exposition.
This goes for fanfiction as well, I hate things like “His body was rock hard and his sweat made me sweat, he’s so hot!” like PLEASE NO.
I’m not saying you CANNOT do this, there are some stories that are more s&xual than others, but if you want to write a romance that is supposed to be about falling in love, then s&xual attraction shouldn’t be the only thing you show. Show them understanding each other, make them have deep conversations, let them comfort each other, make them joke around and have fun, let them be attracted to their personalities and their person in general too! Also, show, don’t tell. Don’t TELL me that the character has a bad relationship with their mom, SHOW me the character arguimg with or being distant from their mom. Too much exposition makes it feel like a scripted play that the characters are playing instead of a story.


I totally agree with point one-it’s always given me bad vibes. Especially since it’s called “Generic Male” but you’re making a female character? Also the body called “female body”… Idk :confused: I’m not trans either so I could definitely be wrong.

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Yeah it’s a bit odd

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Doesn’t sit right with me… :frowning: I know Episode is problematic too…


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It would be terrible delivery and execution as well as too much plot convenience.


Agree, like I don’t mind at all, but I do really agree it feels like diversity points.

  1. I properly gave the friends more personality than the MC. but Agree. sometimes I feel like how about you let MC have no friends at all over those boring bricks

  2. writhing is hard , I feel like what I write is cringy.


now personally hate, any from of author talking to the reader.
going from talking about trauma to having them makeing out.
MC having no interest at all, if you ask her what do you do in your free time, there would be a dial up noise, because they dont do anything.
Been completely in love with the love interest, even though they got nothing incoming and even if they did they never talk about interest they have. oh he is hot I love, your asking me what we have in common how should I know all we ever do is kiss or and talking about how hot the other one is and sometimes argue.

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I agree. It feels like they’re implying that trans women are supposed to look a certain way? It would be different if they used both male and female bodies for trans characters because then it shows all trans people can vary in looks, but when I notice a pattern in the author only using the male body, it doesn’t sit right with me

I don’t like it when the author tries to romanticize trauma and make it look like it’s another person’s job to fix that. It implies that if anything were to happen to the character in regards to their mental health, that it’s the person’s fault who should’ve fixed it.

I also don’t like how they portray Asians as the stereotypical pale skin, dark hair, and brown eyes because that just adds onto the toxic beauty standard – AND this stereotype is the reason why some people think Asians are white when they’re not. AND I HATE IT when they make white characters who have no Asian decent to have monolids.

i also hate how the author makes it seem okay to randomly pin a stranger to a wall and cave in on them, or kiss the other character to shut them up without consent. That’s not okay

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  • I hate when stories have the word ‘bad boy’ or ‘billionaire’ or ‘gang leader’ in the title. It’s very overdone, and I roll my eyes whenever I see something like that.

  • Flat dialogue. I can’t stand it when the characters talk like robots or only say cliché lines to each other. The dialogue was so forced and unrealistic.

  • When the main characters are in a relationship, and they cheat on their significant other, or flirt with someone else. No. I will not feel sympathy nor root for any cheater. Just go away.

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I agree with what you said except this one.
There are a lot of non-asians who have monolids, and a lot of asians who don’t have monolids. It’s not too common, but white people can have monolids, mostly northern europeans/russians, and at the same time, there are a lot of asians who don’t have monolids, mostly in south and west asia, but there are also east asians who don’t have monolids.

TRUE!! Although personally I struggle with this a bit when writing fanfictions.

Someone asked if I was Asian once because of my eyes. You’ve seen pictures. Do I look Asian to you?!

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I didn’t say all asians have monolids. My sister doesn’t have any monolids and I do know some that black people can also have monolids. But I just find it frustrating when authors give white characters monolids as an aesthetic. he reason why in a lot of asian countries the beauty standard is to have double eyelids is actually because of western and European influence. This influence was that monolids looked ugly, which is why now today it is considered ugly in many asian countries to have monolids and why double eyelids are prettier because it looks more eurocentric.

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After the Korean war, a lot of asian women were criticized for their eyes. They were seen as a threat and they were mocked by western culture. that’s when these women started undergoing surgery in order to seem more acceptable because their monolids looked “threatening”
Now, having double eyelid surgery is super common in many asian countries. My mother had double eyelid surgery because in Vietnam, looking pale, having double eyelids, and more European is seen as beautiful

So yeah, as an asian, I don’t like it when authors use monolids on white characters as an aesthetic without acknowledging the history or disclosing some kind of ground that the monolids are genetic :woman_shrugging: so I still stand on what I said

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i think there’s a difference in having actual monolids and then someone asking if you look asian because they’re just racist-

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I’m not sure if I have them or not. Could you tell?

I’ve seen your face reveals, so no you don’t have monolids.

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Oh, thanks. I’ve always been using the slender monolids for my Episode characters. Should probably stop that.

Do you mean angular slender? That’s not monolids. Monolids are a type of eye shape, that doesn’t mean all asian eyes are monolids.

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So yeah, to be on topic, I’m aware that not all Asians have monolids because I have Asian family members who don’t have monolids. I’m also Asian myself so I think I’d know very well that monolids aren’t genetic to every asian since my entire family is of asian decent who show a variety of eyes btw. But there’s more to it than just putting monolids on a white character. Just like how some back people don’t feel comfortable with black features on a white character. It’s possible, but that doesn’t mean you should do it just because it looks pretty on a character because black people were made fun of for their nose and their lips

And as an asian person who’s been made fun of for my eyes and called racial slurs for my monolid by white people, putting it on a character all because it looks pretty makes. Me. Angry.

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