What's something terrifying that we've all come to accept as a fact of life?

Hmm a scary fact that we have come to accept is a tough choice. I think the one that is the most bothersome is that there are people who believe the whole 5G conspiracy…



Something terrifying we’ve accepted is death. As humans, we’ve accepted death is the end for us. It’s terrifying to think about.


That there will always be anti-vaxxers… (sobbing)


In the end, we all die alone.


The only thing that separates us from animals is our knowledge of death.


You’ll always be used by other people.

There are teens who want to be part of a group so badly, they died. (During hazings)

There are people who died or are injured for life because they are fans of soccer/football.

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We all know that the end is approaching. And things from now on will most likely get worse, yet we console our loved ones with the false hope that tomorrow will be better

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Death is depicted as frightening end and one of the purest truth of a human life cycle while death could be an escape from the impending and inevitable terrible future, the remaining of the race must suffer

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The fact that people think getting abortions and getting a vaccine is at all comparable. :sob: Boy whhhatttt.

The whole "if a birth giving person can have an abortion because of ‘my body my choice’ then it’s the same as me not wanting to get vaccinated cos, ‘my body my choice’. :tired_face: ". Here’s the one thing I gotta say to that…Abortions aren’t contagious.



Everyone we know will die.

Yes. Main one for me.

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The possibility of a painful death

@Discussions Any other terrifying things?

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Some animals mourn their dead, actually. They know death when they see it.

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Pregnancy. This is the ultimate terrifying thing. Death has NOTHING on a parasite living in and feeding off the human incubator.


Some people have issues with gay/lesbians. Penguins. F*cking penguins. They can be gay/lesbian and they take in orphaned chicks.

There are more people than not who either don’t care or are against everything you are trying to do.

And that as long as you live for others, you can’t live for yourself.
I always try to please others but in the process, I end up neglecting myself and when I try to please myself it always ends up with other people disagreeing or disappointed.

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I have another one. Tho this is more netherlands related:

Tw: death and suicide

That each time I get into a train, I have the risk of that train taking a life.

What’s worse to add, is that if no one would’ve noticed, I would already have witnessed 7 deaths at least in the past 5 year.

And there are people (the train drivers) who have witnessed it before, or even multiple times (I spoke to one who had witnessed 57 in total before he couldn’t take it anymore and quit his job).

Death, yes