What's something you hate when writing an Episode story?

I hate creating and coding background characters for a crowd scene. It’s so time consuming!
I also hate going on an intensive search for a background or overlay that only exists in my mind, only to find backgrounds that are in the wrong angle, have furniture in them but there are no overlays, are the wrong size and look weird when I resize it, or don’t have enough zones for what I need.
What do you hate when writing, @Episodians?


I hate all those things too!

But what I honestly hate the most is putting so much time and work into an episode and then when I review it later it looks just terrible/not the way I imagined the story at all. And I’m fine with my story not being perfect btw. But I do try to get a certain “vibe” for my stories and to also have them make sense with my vision. With one story in particular I wrote like 3-4 episodes and then had to start over and unlist the story because I didn’t like the way I went about it at all.

I think it has to do with the way I ordered the scenes. Like, this is a story I have been working on for years that I’ve just had in my head. I have probably so many ideas for it and some fully formed. I had this idea of the MC being young and having this relationship with her father and the maids… and when I originally wrote it I wrote that bit first. But then later down the line it made more sense to me to write it in the “present” because those scenes take place in the past. And I think Episode has a weird rule where you can’t have a story surround someone younger than 13 unless it’s a flashback or obviously the past.
And then I had the issue of the scenes being wonky. Like I had the right idea but I wasn’t portraying the characters how I wanted them to “feel” and it just wasn’t right at all. I mean it’s not perfect now by any means but I think I have established the “feel” I want it to have.

Because I can put up with coding something for literal hours, but when that work is utterly wasted… that’s probably what I hate the most.

I could plan everything out but I don’t really do well with that and kinda do that already. Like, by the time I write an episode I have an idea of where it’s going and how it’s gonna end and how the scenes are gonna go. It just usually gets changed around so much anyone and that’s how I decide what’s best. Because what happens if I plan something out with Episode is that I plan something out, then it doesn’t end up working, then all that work goes down the drain and I have to come up with a new way to do things. It’s a lot more fun for me to just keep experimenting until I find a right match, and seems less like I’m just coding a story and more like I’m in it.

Idk if anyone can relate to me or has any tips or insight- but that’s mine.


Finding the perfect background. Like when I have an exact background I want and I feel like it would fit the story. I want more fancy bathroom backgrounds and I have yet to find them (they’re not even on Pinterest)

Mansion backgrounds too, even if I have a few of them already

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