What's the best screen brightness setting for doing digital art?

My eyes are very sensitive, so I usually use my phone in the lowest possible brightness level. However, I’ve noticed that my art turns out looking weird when I turn my brightness up… (Mostly because I don’t see some mistakes I’ve made in the dark brightness setting I use :crying_cat_face:)

So what’s the ideal screen brightness for doing digital art? :eyes::eyes:


50% sounds like the average screen brightness


I tend to keep my screen brightness as low as I can while still being able to see things


I like to turn night light on and turn the screen brightness to about 50-70% depending on my device and lighting environment. I also like to wear blue light glasses.

There isn’t really a “right” setting. It all depends on you, the artist, and your device/environment.


I actually turn my screen brightness up even more (depending on the lighting of the room I am in) so that I can see more colors and details vibrantly and clearly

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60-70% maybe?

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