What's the best superpower?

There are many cool superpowers we wish we could have, but which one is the best? And why do you think so? :eyes::sparkles:

I think that shapeshifting is the best superpower since you can just turn into anything you want, so it can be useful in any situation :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:


the ability to steal other people’s superpowers


But what if they dont have superpowers? :eyes:

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Then steal someone else’s :eyes:

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Unlimited digestive tract :relieved:

That’s a weird question. There’s a lot of different ways you could ask this and I would answer differently;

  • What superpower I’d want to have
  • What’s the most powerful superpower
  • What’s the most useful superpower
  • What’s the most practical superpower
  • What’s the coolest superpower

Shapeshifting is by far the superpower I’d most want ti have, but not the boring metashifting or whatever it’s called. Actual shapeshifting, turning into animals n stuff. Want super speed? Turn into a cheetah. Want to fly? Pull a Hanna and become a duck. Want to get peed on? Turn into a jellyfish. Want super strength? Turn into one of the literal thousands of animals stronger than us.


I wanna fly. But I also want to be invisible sometimes just to scare people and make them think there’s a ghost. :joy:

Honestly, I’d like shapeshifting. It’d be really cool for heists and tricking people in general :eyes:

It’d be challenging though, to act like the person when you’re not. But that’s where telepathy comes in!

Shapeshifting is definitely useful! There are a whole bunch of things you could do with it.

Telepathy and telekinesis are also awesome superpowers!

Teleportation! Life would be so much easier.

Absolute force manipulation :eyes:

Kinda overkill though

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Probably Time Manipulation. Oh, how I would want to stop time for a certain period just to get my frustrations out.

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Uhhh, no. Just use vinegar and hydrocortisone for the swelling, according to WebMD.

Also, WHY?!

the ability to know and un-know anything at any time.

I wish I had that after my last post…

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Omnipotence :laughing:

But really, maybe vibration manipulation? Or time… or boundary.

Is too dirty minded for that




Telekinesis and teleportation :eyes:
and added supernatural tag

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