What's the best video game you've received for Christmas?

Last year I got Breath of The Wild which is a very good game and probably my favourite Zelda game :joy: but I’ve honestly got a fair few good games for Christmas!

@Gamers what about you?


I’ll say Mario karts and Super Smash Bros Brawl even tho it was on Sinterklaas it’s the same idea of holiday.

We had so much fun with it.

Okamiden. My nephew found it for me. I LOVE the original Okami (one of my favorite games of all time, being an artist myself), so being able to play the spin-off Okamiden was wonderful. The difficulty level was quite harder, however, than the original Okami. I remember having to dig for information a lot. But, it was still fun.

Sims games.

Technically FF10 was a late Christmas present for 2020 :thinking: and I like that more than botw!

Probably Mario Odyssey :thinking: Or Mario Kart, I can’t decide :sweat_smile:

@Gamers What about you?

I received both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Violet.