What's the difference between a jungle and a rainforest?

In English, the two words have a fair amount of overlap. Based on some preliminary research, jungles is a much more casual term that doesn’t have a specific meaning. Rainforest, on the other hand, refers to forests with high levels of rain that are usually characterized by a tall canopy that blocks out light falling on the forest floor.

What is your understanding of the difference between the two?
Are there two different words for these in your own language?

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That’s my understanding too. A judngle doesn’t have to be a rainforest. But a rainforest is in their own climate zone thingy. :thinking: And a forest :joy:


I haven’t really thought about the difference, but a rainforest is what I’d imagine to be a forest with rain, and a jungle is just a jungle.

Apparently yes, but they’re the same as the English ones.


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