What's the difference between augmented reality and personal perspective?

At the basics of it, Augmented Reality (AR) is usually a term given to describe when technology changes the way we see thing by super imposing images into real life. Here’s the only definition on google:

This is a different from virtual reality and it’s super different from personal perspective. Virtual reality completely changes everything you see.

Personal perspective can just be defined like this:

(Obviously that comes from an article about personal perspective in writing but it’s also the first definition that comes up on google)

So why even compare personal perspective with AR, surely the discussion should be about AR vs VR. Well no, here’s where the discussion is:

People often talk about everyone having their own personal perspective, the way they interpret things and process reality, this is done by our own brains, we all see things differently or similarly to each other but never the exact same way. It’s different to AR because AR literally changes reality to show you something different from what’s really there.


Now, I don’t want to see things in the thread that are just defining the 2, I’ve already given definitions of both of them and explained them. The question in the OP is rehtorical you don’t need to answer it, I already have (unless you want to give a better answer) :blush: I want to discuss what’s written in the OP and while there won’t be a punishment or anything for people who just post definitions of them both it will bug me a little. But now I’ve told you that you’ll probably do it :thinking: oh well.

Basically just, if you post the definitions of both and say “that’s the difference” then yeah, well done :joy: but I want to focus more on your interpretation of the difference.


  • What do you think of AR and personal perspective?
  • What can affect personal perspective?

Anyway: @discussions


Hmmmm. Well AR has always kind of struck me as a cheap way to excuse someone’s behavior. Like if theres a really crummy character that has done really bad things but we’re still supposed to like them because they were in AR so it’s not their fault and that’s their entire development; that stinks.

Well PP (personal perspective) can be affected by a lot of things. Who you were raised by, where you’re from. It depends on your family’s beliefs (meaning moral) because children often have the same beliefs as their parents, even if they dont agree with them.

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I’d like to try AR glasses that show you information while you’re somewhere but they are too expensive :sweat_smile: As for personal perspective, I think I’m not good at explaining my personal perspective to others

I think information in general can. That information can be given through AR but doesn’t have to be. However, I don’t think AR is bad, we just need to learn how to use it correctly.

@Discussions What do you think about this?